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Our commitment

Through YPI students are given a hands-on experience of philanthropy that provides them with the skills and awareness to make positive differences in their communities. It is a fully resourced programme which is supported through several direct interventions with our dedicated team.

We are committed to ensuring educators are supported to realise the full potential of the programme in terms of learning and teaching, aligning to key educational priorities and opportunities for development.

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The YPI process

Led by your YPI Programme Officer, this is a core feature of the support structure, providing an opportunity for the YPI Lead Teacher, Senior Leadership link, and other delivery colleagues to discuss and review resource updates, agree on timelines and dates, and explore how to maximise the impact of the programme for the coming year.


Programme Planning Meeting

Your YPI Programme Officer will provide further guidance on the process of launching YPI during your planning meeting. During the launch, pupils will be introduced to the YPI process, and explore the key concepts of philanthropy and social issues. Our launch resources support the process.



Your students will follow the process detailed in this graphic. For further information relating to curricular links and delivery steps see our delivery resource. and student workbook.


Delivery of YPI

The YPI Showcase is an important date in the school calendar, a chance to bring the school community together to celebrate #YPI15. The Showcase can be adapted to suit local context and circumstance. The judging pack will support your judging panel. The Wood Foundation team will coordinate the issuing of the grant, following completion of the grant request form.


YPI Showcase

The reflection session (formerly known as the Maximising Impact Session or MIS) is a core feature of the support structure. The focus of the session is wholly flexible and bespoke to your school’s context and will explore your aims, objectives, and ambitions for the YPI programme.


Reflection session

Coming to the end of YPI doesn’t mean the end of students’ learning or their ability to continue creating positive change within their communities. How can you support their continued growth? How can students consolidate their learning? How does YPI embed within a wider skills pipeline?



School Partnership Funding

From the fourth year of programme delivery, schools take responsibility for a minority portion (£500) of the YPI Grant. School Partnership Funding provides an enhanced level of programme ownership within schools and cements YPI as a core feature of community engagement. For more guidance click here.


YPI forms an important, tangible part of a school's ethos and culture. The programme develops essential skills for learning, life and work, whilst celebrating powerful work and achievement. The Wood Foundation's suite of supporting resources includes:

Launch resource

Our launch resource can be delivered digitally to pupils, supported by this guidance and PowerPoint.

Leading YPI in your school

Provides step-by-step guidance for your school's YPI Lead focused on planning and delivering the programme, realising its alignment to a number of key educational drivers.

Strategic guide

Supports schools to fully realise the potential of the programme by clearly identifying where it aligns with the priorities that the Scottish curriculum is built upon including HGIOS4, skills agenda and DYW, as well as the four core capacities and contexts.

Delivery resource

Guides all teachers through the delivery of an impactful, structured YPI programme. It contains clear learning intentions, success criteria, links to skills and example content plans, as well as guidance on differentiation.

Student workbook

An editable word document which provides an adaptive framework from which schools can develop their own YPI delivery materials ensuring they are fit for each individual context.

Judging pack

To be used during the YPI Showcase to support the judging process. It contains introductory information for judges and the YPI presentation judging sheet.

Voluntary sector guide

Produced in partnership with SCVO, this guide provides thought-provoking statistics and information which will support enhanced understanding of the third sector and part two of the YPI process.

Think creatively!

Our Creativity Zone shares a number of examples of best practice in terms of the creative products which can be developed by young people, with helpful hints and tips.

Student certificate & press release template

We also have a student certificate which some choose to share with students upon completion and a template press release that can be used as the basis of sharing your school’s success with local press.

School generated resources

Professional Learning

YPI has been endorsed by Education Scotland as a programme offering high-quality professional learning and leadership opportunities. The The Wood Foundation is a GTCS registered provider of professional learning and is committed to promoting critical enquiry and innovation, acknowledging that informed and confident practitioners are essential for enabling young people to succeed in learning, life and work.


Through the facilitated support structure, we work in partnership with practitioners to empower them to consider how their teaching practice and pedagogy ensures the most impactful programme delivery for their students, thus providing a rich and varied development opportunity.


We organise practice sharing webinars and events, alongside regional and national opportunities to support practitioner-led collaboration and development. These provide a forum for practitioners to evaluate the impact of their YPI programme within their school.

Visit our Vimeo page for a selection of case studies and webinar excerpts.


See which other schools in your region are delivering YPI through our interactive map – we would be happy to facilitate introductions between schools.

“The proactive support from YPI helps us continually reflect and enrich our provision. The meetings are supportive, and we are coached by our YPI representative to seek continuous improvement in all aspects of our YPI planning, facilitation and celebration.”

Paul Gallanagh, Dunoon Grammar School

Our participating schools

See which other schools in your region are undertaking YPI through our interactive map.

“YPI creates a nexus between school and community. It makes responsible citizens of our bairns, making them aware of global and local issues and understanding how these their personal responsibility.

YPI gives the opportunity to put theory into practice, and very quickly see the connection between learning and action. It is also addressing many of the experiences and outcomes aligned with the four contexts and capacities of Curriculum for Excellence.”

Theophilus Ogbhemhe, Kirkwall Grammar School:

“Our pupils are passionate about making a difference in the lives of their local community and they gain valuable skills for future jobs. YPI is, by far, the best project to prepare our young people for life beyond the classroom and school. It gives them something to be proud of.”

Amy Robertson, Dalkeith High School

Our funding partners

Working with likeminded partners supports the sustainability of YPI as we grow the opportunity throughout Scotland.

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