Engaging Partners

Building partnerships

YPI encourages and supports schools to connect with their local communities to enable the impactful, contextualised delivery of the programme.

Engagement can take many forms – from mentoring and judging, to a funding contribution. Explore the synergies between your community and YPI, as well as the skills and assets it affords to support a strengthened YPI experience.

School Partnership Funding

Typically, SLT takes responsibility for this aspect of the programme. School Partnership Funding supports the sustainability and growth of YPI.

Following your Final Showcase, the YPI central team will share details on how to send the £500 directly to the charity by BACS or cheque.

Considerations for raising School Partnership Funding:

Enterprise activity

.Embedding an enterprise element to the delivery of the YPI programme, providing an opportunity for students to develop additional skills.
.Involving other year groups or YPI alumni to create products to sell throughout the year. This provides a chance to build on students’ YPI experience.

School-wide giving and sponsored events

.Embedding YPI as part of school ethos and culture linking to school-wide fundraising and targeted local giving, for instance a dress down day.
.If there is a charity committee within the school, consider how they can support fundraising, recognising the contribution that local charity partners are making to the school through YPI.
.Students could organise a sponsored event, for instance a run, walk, swim, jump or cycle.

Embedding fundraising into the delivery of YPI

.Students could be tasked with raising a certain amount for the partnership funding contribution, with any additional funds raised going to the group’s chosen charity.

Hosting an event

.Create an event and invite members of the community to buy tickets.
. A baking or craft sale.
.Establish partnerships with local businesses to support raffle prizes and tickets.
Our participating schools

See which other schools in your region are undertaking YPI through our interactive map.

Funding Partners

Working with likeminded partners supports the sustainability of YPI as we grow the opportunity throughout Scotland.

YPI provides funders the opportunity to direct much-needed resources to local charities, while supporting young people with a unique experience and developing relationships with school communities.

Partners often form part of judging panels at finals and can get involved with mentorship and development opportunities.

We work closely with a number of national partners to amplify the impact, reach, and potential of YPI.
Young Scot Logo

Through our national partnership with Young Scot, we recognise and celebrate the contribution young people make through YPI to communities across Scotland. Students participating in YPI will receive 2000 points. Young Scot Rewards supports young people to participate in positive activities which contribute to their personal development and communities. More details in our ‘Leading YPI in your school’ guidance.

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Award Network Logo

We are a strategic partner of the Awards Network where we collaborate and share learning with fellow school enrichment partners.

iwill Logo

We support the #iwill campaign and sit on its Scottish advisory board. We have a shared belief in the power and importance of youth social action, working together to increase and amplify opportunities for youth voice nationally.

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Our team has worked closely with SCVO. Notably, our co-designed third sector guide brings to life the impact of the sector and the pathways it affords young people.

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“It is incredibly impressive to know young people are so passionate about tackling issues facing those in their community. We are proud to partner in their efforts to raise awareness, advocate, and secure funds for the causes that matter to them in West Lothian.”

Sam Pattman, Baillie Gifford