Empowering Young People

The Youth and Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) is a powerful active citizenship programme, empowering young people to make a difference in their communities while developing a range of skills.

About YPI

Since it was introduced to Scotland in 2008 by The Wood Foundation, it has engaged more than 310,000 young people who have taken responsibility for £6.8m of charitable giving.

YPI is the biggest independent initiative being delivered in Scottish education. Each school is responsible for directing a grant of £3000 to a local charity championed by its students through a unique programme of teamwork, research, and competition.

YPI engages a full year-group of students, developing skills and confidence through a contextualised learning experience. The programme raises awareness of social issues and local charities and is a vital means of devolved, locally driven grant-making.

YPI is managed and principally funded by The Wood Foundation.
A dedicated team works closely with all participating schools to fully realise the opportunity for their settings.

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Our participating schools

See which other schools in your region are undertaking YPI through our interactive map.

Our funding partners

Working with likeminded partners supports the sustainability of YPI as we grow the opportunity throughout Scotland.

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