YPI has been endorsed by Education Scotland’s Professional Learning and Leadership team.

Lynsey Brosnan, National Coordinator of YPI, said:

“We are delighted to have secured this endorsement from Education Scotland.

“While YPI as a programme is focussed on empowering young people, we know the best way of achieving this is through an empowered professional education workforce. Providing opportunities for practitioners to use YPI as a vehicle to also develop their skills, confidence, networks and resources is vitally important for the sustainability and growth of the programme.”

The Wood Foundation, principal funder and manager of YPI in Scotland, was also recently accredited by GTCS as a provider of professional learning. The Wood Foundation is committed to providing professional learning opportunities which promote critical enquiry and innovation, acknowledging that informed and confident practitioners are essential for enabling young people to succeed in learning, life and work.

Professional learning opportunities afforded by YPI include:

  • A full-suite of resources focussed on programme delivery, embedding and strategic curricular standing.
  • Facilitated Programme Development Sessions.
  • Support at YPI Finals.
  • YPI National Event.
  • Practice Sharing Finals – an opportunity to attend another school’s final with representatives from a number of schools in your region which includes facilitated, collaborative discussion.
  • Regional Development Sessions – a region-wide session to discuss programme embedding and sustainability with key partners.

Please contact your regional coordinator or ypi@thewoodfoundation.org.uk for more information.