YPI Scotland

The Wood Foundation, the operational manager and principal funder of YPI in Scotland, has been accredited as a provider of professional development programmes by GTCS.

YPI offers a suite of professional development opportunities for teachers, including:

  • Practice-sharing finals
  • Programme development sessions
  • A suite of resources
  • Regional networking and shared learning events

YPI National Coordinator Lynsey Brosnan said:

“While YPI is an amazing opportunity for pupils, it also offers education practitioners the chance to develop their leadership, confidence and innovation skills.

“The GTCS accreditation of The Wood Foundation as a provider of professional development programmes for the education sector is an important recognition. GTCS accreditation is an independent quality mark for teachers. It also highlights our belief in working with and for teachers, co-designing and delivering collaborative programmes which address a gap in the education system.

“Arming the teachers of today with the training and opportunities to address the needs of pupils is the most cost-effective way of making a lasting difference within education, as well as socially and economically.”

For more information on the professional development offered by YPI, please contact Lynsey Brosnan.