YPI Scotland

A charity which supports carers in Perthshire has been awarded £6000 by #generationchange in 2019/20.

Students from the Community School of Auchterarder and St John’s Academy secured their YPI grants for PKAVS Carers Hub support of young carers.

A number of students from each group are young carers themselves and shared their stories, and support they accessed from the service, in their YPI presentation.

Raymond Jamieson, Manager of the service, said:

“Raising awareness of caring is so important. It is something that is so often done quietly, behind closed doors. For young people to share their stories and speak publicly is so important. It lets others know support is there and how they can get help. It gives theirs peers an insight into their lives.

“I have always been very impressed attending YPI finals and seeing the range of important issues being represented by young people with such creativity and conviction.”

The funds will be used to provide respite and social activities for young carers once social distancing guidelines allow.