YPI Scotland

YPI is pledging its support to the #iwill campaign as YouthLink Scotland confirms its extended commitment to 2022.

The #iwill movement aims to encourage and empower young people to make a difference to their community and society through activities such as volunteering, fundraising, campaigning and mentoring. In 2018, Scotland’s Year of Young People highlighted the significant impact young people are having across the country. There is a real opportunity to fully capitalise on the momentum of 2018 and #iwill has a role to play in harnessing a collective ambition to engage and empower young people.

The synergies between #iwill and YPI provides a platform for enhanced collaboration with YouthLink Scotland. Since YPI was first introduced to Scotland by The Wood Foundation in 2008, the programme has grown significantly across the country and is now active in more than 70% of secondary school. The programme will empower more than 35,000 young people to make a difference in their communities with almost £850,000 being granted to social services charities empowered by young people. This represents an unparalleled level of activity centred on young people, active citizenship, social issues and community cohesion.


Our pledge
Through YPI, we pledge to empower young people, schools and communities to get involved in social action. We will continue to work across sectors to ensure that we are championing youth voice whilst challenging the barriers which exist around youth participation in civil society. We will contribute to a culture in Scotland where meaningful youth participation is the norm, ensuring young people are represented and active participants in decision-making.

We welcomed YouthLink Scotland and the #iwill ambassadors to our #generationchange National Event. We will continue to work closely with our partners at YouthLink Scotland in the months and years ahead to support the campaign.