YPI Scotland

A charity which offers a lifeline of memories to those living with dementia will be able to diversify its movie offering thanks to #generationchange students at Hamilton Grammar and Falkirk High School.

Screen Memories secured two YPI grants in the 2019/20 academic year, on top of on secured in 2018/19.

The cash injection has given the charity the opportunity to consider the groups of people who would benefit from their services. Michael White of the charity said:

“Movies offer a real opportunity for those living with dementia to access memories and feelings from their formative years.

“We want to able to diversify our offering. A number of the organisations which are accessing our services have residents, patients or users who would have grown up with cinema from other cultures – Bollywood and Eastern European have been suggested as additions to our offering.

“There are increasing numbers of people asking us to support those with early onset dementia so we need to look at movies from a later time period to resonate with them.”

Screen Memories has worked with a number of YPI schools over the past few years. Michael added:

“A lot of the young people we speak to have experience of dementia in the family and like how we’re offering a pretty novel approach to supporting people.

“I have been hugely impressed by the maturity, creativity and commitment shown by these very young people who make a huge effort to make a difference to a small charity like ours.”

Students from Bo’ness Academy who secured the grant for Screen Memories in 2018/19 hosted an ‘Oscars’ style event for Screen Memories and have remained engaged with the charity.