All schools who enter their fourth year of programme delivery take responsibility for a minority portion of the full £3000 YPI Grant; standard school commitment being a £500 pledge.  This programme component was first piloted in the 2014/15 academic year, and is now an embedded feature of YPI Scotland.  The core premise behind the introduction of School Partnership Funding was to support a greater level of programme ownership and continuous improvement within each participating school.  Importantly, we are committed to all schools recognising YPI Scotland as part of wider school giving, and a sustainable mechanism through which to target financial support within their local school community.

School Partnership Funding should represent both a challenge and an opportunity, and without question the support of school senior management is vital to this commitment.  Over recent years a number of innovative approaches to School Partnership Funding have been developed which both add value to the programme and support long-term sustainability. These include:

  • School Business Partnerships
  • Linking with the local Chamber of Commerce or Federations of Small Business
  • Brokering partnerships with school parent council or local community groups including Rotary or Roundtable
  • Embedding YPI as part of school ethos & culture with respects school wide fundraising and targeted local giving
  • Building a component of enterprise activity into YPI planning and delivery, as part of the programme or to be explored as a pre-cursor for younger students, or YPI alumini.

The Wood Foundation is committed to assuring the long-term sustainability of YPI across Scotland. In order to manage demand, and realise the full potential of the programme, we are reliant upon close collaboration with all schools. We also continue to work closely with a number of likeminded organisations and funding partners who share in our ambition for YPI Scotland. School Partnership Funding is central to overarching programme sustainability; and looking ahead, the challenges of managing YPI Scotland at scale can only be overcome through this partnership approach.

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“Philanthropy without scale and sustainability is like any other bad business that will simply wither and die on the vine.”

Naveen Jainre

Should you have any questions with respects School Partnership Funding please do not hesitate to get in touch – this core programme component should not represent a risk to the ongoing delivery of the programme.