Welcome to the brand new YPI Scotland website! This website has been created as the ‘hub’ of YPI Scotland’s presence online, with our Twitter and Facebook pages for daily updates.

Whether you’re a student, teacher or charity representative looking for information on what YPI is, how it works, and why you’re even involved in it, you should find it all here.

Of course the website isn’t just for students, teachers and charity representatives – the website offers information for all, whether you’re looking for information on our funding partners, or looking to see what schools in your area take part in YPI.

As the website is still in the early days and effectively still a youngster, we appreciate any feedback you may have. If you wish there was something on the website that isn’t, let us know. If there’s something that is on the website but you found it difficult to find, let us know. And of  course, if you enjoy the website or find something really useful, you can also let us know! We welcome all and any feedback and will try and make it as good as it can be for those using it. You can contact us by visiting our Contact page and letting either Bethany or Jonathan know what you think of the website.

We hope you enjoy it.

The YPI Team