Festival of Philanthropy

YPI 2016 event at Perth Concert Hall

We recently came across this blog post about an incredible charity, and the work of some equally incredible students from Westhill Academy, Aberdeenshire. Presenting in front of any audience is a challenge, but if you can speak with enthusiasm, passion and knowledge you’ve got it cracked.

Terrified to Give a Presentation…

You’ve been asked to give a presentation – imagine the event – you’re shaking, your mouth is dry, you’re suffering severe memory loss – the stuff of nightmares…

Picture the scene again and you are a teenager at school, giving a presentation, with two other pupils, on your favourite charity, to teachers, parents and your peers, on the stage in the school hall – and you are autistic….

At Westhill Academy last week, three autistic teenagers enthused about ‘Appaws for Autism’ a charity which trains assistance/therapy dogs for adults and children with ASD. This event was part of a programme called YPI, sponsored by the Wood Foundation. They really impressed the audience and the judges with their passion for the charity and clever use of IT.

Assistance/therapy dogs help autistic children and adults to socialize, be more independent and access services. They can keep them safe and are a comfort to them when they are stressed. It’s a very worthwhile cause.

Talk about your passion – if these guys can do it – so can you!! To quote the charity’s slogan – ‘Be your own kind of wonderful’.

Original blog post by Elaine Manley
Picture by Fraser Band