Programme Delivery

“We deliver YPI Scotland across our full S5 as an interdisciplinary learning (IDL) opportunity incorporating PSE, English, RME, ICT and Drama. In addition, we have developed a strong business partnership with Price Waterhouse Cooper through our YPI programme. YPI just continues to grow year after year.”
Drummond Community High School, Edinburgh
“YPI has become a core feature of our S2 Business Studies programme. An early opportunity to apply a strong, experiential, skills based programme to our curriculum. YPI represents a genuine challenge to our young people, but the outcome never fails to impress. The skill set developed through YPI can be nurtured through the BGE and into the senior school.”
Aboyne Academy, Aberdeenshire
“YPI has quickly become part and parcel of our S3 RMPS curriculum. We were looking for something to bring the subject matter to life, whilst raising the profile of our department across the school and wider community. Our students fully bought into the programme, and since our school final have continued to work closely with their chosen charities.”
Falkirk High School, Falkirk
“We deliver YPI as a central component of our English curriculum, and have closely aligned the programme with National 4 Literacy. This has supported both the profile and credibility of YPI across the school. YPI isn’t simply a ‘charity project’, it’s about teamwork, speaking & listening, advocacy, and making connections across the community.”
Paisley Grammar School, Renfrewshire

Our YPI Final

“Our YPI Final has become a real community affair. Our full S5 are always in attendance, alongside parents and charity representatives. We use the new church hall, a state of the art venue, as this adds a sense of theatre and esteem to the event. Our school band always play whilst the judges deliberate, and our local paper reports on the event.”
Banchory Academy, Aberdeenshire
“YPI has allowed our pupils to develop public speaking skills. Our YPI final often consists of pupils who would not normally be comfortable speaking in front of a large audience. Before we start the project we complete a unit on communication and presentation skills.”
Wick High School , Highlands
“It was really when preparing for their final presentations that it became clear how much the result of the process meant to the pupils and in turn what an affinity they had developed for their local charity. This gave them a real focus for their efforts and took their learning to a different level from what we might see in their other classes. They really pushed each other and took responsibility for their own elements of the presentation, supporting each other when necessary and solving the various issues that came their way.”
Mid Yell Junior High School , Shetland

Presentations: Be different

“We simply filmed our charity visit and made a short edit of our trip to incorporate as part of our YPI presentation – this combined short vox pop interviews with an overview of our charities work. The impact was amazing as we immediately stood out as different from the other teams.”
Bishopbriggs Academy, East Dunbartonshire
“Through researching Alzheimer’s we found that music was a common language, regardless of age. Within our team we also had a mix of strengths and talents, so decided to incorporate music and poetry into our presentation.”
Elgin High School, Moray
“Instead of simply telling the audience and judging panel about our chosen charity, we decided it would be more interesting to incorporate a game show ‘Mastermind’ theme. The balance of humour, information and creativity represented a winning combination.”
St Thomas of Aquin's High School, Edinburgh
“As part of our presentation we rewrote the lyrics to one of our favourite songs so to tell the story of our chosen charity. The balance of telling our charity’s story, alongside a very emotive and powerful song was perfect. It was about winning over hearts and minds.”
Tain Royal Academy, Highlands

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