The Northwood Charitable Trust supports YPI’s most successful year in Dundee.

The success of youngsters from Harris Academy in securing a grant of £3000 for the Dundee Association of Mental Health rounded off the 2017/18 academic year which saw 800 of Dundee’s young people engaging with YPI.

The success of youngsters from Harris Academy in securing a grant of £3000 for the Dundee Association of Mental Health rounded off the 2017/18 academic year which saw 800 of Dundee’s young people engaging with YPI.

The Northwood Charitable Trust is the principal funder of YPI in Dundee and supported the awarding of £18,000 of grants. Morag Neville, Head of Charitable Giving at the Trust, sat on the judging panel at Harris Academy’s YPI Final. She said:

“A huge congratulations to the young people for their engaging, well-researched and confidently-delivered presentations. It is never an easy task to judge these events as the young people have all worked incredibly hard on behalf of wonderful local causes.

“The Northwood Charitable Trust is proud to be supporting YPI. It is empowering young people in Dundee to have an enormous impact in our communities.”

The Northwood Charitable Trust, which aims to make communities better and more supportive places for people to live, work and prosper, has committed to a three-year partnership with YPI with the Harris Academy final rounding off its first year involved with the programme.

During 2017/18, Baldragon, Grove and Braeview Academies, alongside Future Skills College and Craigie High School secured grants for Tayside NHS Board Endowment Fund, Brittle Bone Society, Women’s Rape & Sexual Abuse Centre, St Salvador’s Episcopal Church and Tayside Cancer Support.

YPI, the flagship initiative of The Wood Foundation, is one of the biggest and most successful independent programmes delivered in schools in Scotland. It is an active citizenship programme, giving young people a platform to positively impact their local communities while developing their understanding of their role in society, as well as key life skills.

Jonathan Christie, Deputy UK Director at The Wood Foundation, said:

“The support of likeminded funding partners such as The Northwood Charitable Trust is essential to the sustained growth, development and impact of YPI throughout Scotland.

“As a Dundee-based organisation leading on a whole range of invaluable work locally, we are delighted to have their support.

“That YPI has engaged more students than ever before in Dundee is fantastic and we look forward to next year being even more impactful as further Dundee schools become involved.

“The work being undertaken by young people through YPI goes so much further than the grants awarded. The awareness-raising, skills development, advocacy and intergenerational elements of the programme are vitally important for both the charities and young people.”

Each of the six schools will have a brand new year group completing YPI in the 2018/19 academic year. Morgan Academy and St John’s RC High School will also join the programme bringing the total number of Dundee participants up to almost 1100.

Raymond Perry, Depute Head Teacher at Harris Academy, said:

“We are immensely pleased by what the young people have achieved through YPI and the final was very inspiring.

“The YPI programme is an important part of our academic year and teaches the young people a range of essential life skills as well as engaging them with social causes impacting the lives of those around them.

“The support of The Wood Foundation and The Northwood Charitable Trust is very much appreciated by everyone involved in YPI here at Harris Academy and we are already looking forward to introducing it to next year’s cohort.”

Over the past decade, 140,000 secondary school pupils have taken part in YPI Scotland. Working in small teams, students across an entire year group are tasked with choosing a social issue they care passionately about and researching a charity they believe is best placed to challenge or support their chosen cause. In each school the programme concludes with a grand final where teams present against each other in a bid to secure £3000 for their chosen cause.

Since 2008, £3.2m has been awarded to charities chosen by young people.