YPI places an emphasis on identifying small, local charities; charities that are born and develop as a reaction to the specific needs of each individual community. However identifying these charities can be difficult. Here are some top tips:

The Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) is the independent regulator and registrar for over 24,000 Scottish charities. The OSCR website holds a wealth of information about Scottish charities, in addition to an excellent and up-to-date data base of registered charities. It is a YPI requirement that every charity involved in the programme is registered; therefore OSCR is an invaluable resource in rooting out those local charities. The OSCR website also allows you to filter searches by income, postcode and keywords so to focus research.
www.oscr.org.uk or Tel: 01382 220446.
Third Sector Interfaces (TSI) are an excellent source of information with regards regional charitable activity. Voluntary Action Scotland exists to support the third sector through providing Third Sector Interfaces in each local authority in Scotland. Each Interface is unique to their area, and supports a network of charitable organisations from the very small to the very large. Therefore, when researching what charities are out there you should link with your local Interface and tap into this resource. If you’re looking for your own TSI visit www.voluntaryactionscotland.org.uk
School & Community Libraries are an exceptional source of information. Of particular relevance to YPI charity research is the local press and media archives. Local press is invaluable and captures a vast amount of information regarding ongoing charitable activity. The libraries will also house additional ICT provision should there be limited capacity within the school itself. Furthermore, charities regularly display information, literature and leaflets regarding local activity on library display boards.
In your Community there are a whole host of other approaches you can use in identifying local charities. Your local GPs, Police, Hospital, Retirement Home, Church, Community Learning & Development Team, Youth Club and Sports Centre will all undoubtedly have charitable partners who support provision, share facilities and/or provide services. Check notice boards, pick up a telephone book, ask the question and see what you find out.
Finally, speak to people around you as you never know what charities they have had first-hand experience of or what charities they actively support.

“It has been a very rewarding year for us in many ways. Many YPI groups supported us this year and while many may not have won the award, many more young people now know about Archway. As a small local charity it is vital for us to increase our profile and this is a great way to do it.”

Archway | Aberdeen

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