My First Six Months…

As YPI continues to expand across Scotland, the small team at YPI HQ and the regional team likes to grow too. If you’ve looked at our ‘Meet the Team’ page you’ll see all of those in Scotland who help make YPI happen. We’ve got a small team in the office, only two of who focus on […]

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The Charity Visit…


A part of the YPI process that we love to stress is the importance of students visiting their chosen charity. Going along to the charity premises and meeting the people who work there, volunteer there and those who use their services really gives the young people an […]

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Is it all about the winning?

Sometimes in life, it’s not all about winning. Imagine if you won everything in life, all of the time. Nothing would become a challenge. You wouldn’t get that feeling of having to try harder next time, or the determination and drive to do so. You wouldn’t have an honest reason to look deeply in to […]

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