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Tain Royal Academy | School Case Study

Tain Royal Academy Case Study: Planning for success

Tain Royal Academy Winning Team 2014

Over the last five years Tain Royal Academy, Highlands has delivered the Youth & Philanthropy Initiative programme through their S2 RMPS curriculum.  During this time the delivery of YPI has evolved as the teachers’ knowledge and understanding of the […]

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Drumchapel High School – School Case Study

Drumchapel High School: Enabling young people to make a difference

“To see young people make an actual impact in the community is amazing – YPI has enabled that.”

Pictures from Drumchapel YPI School Finals

When Rebecca Dobson joined Drumchapel High School three years ago there was no Wider Achievement programme in […]

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Banchory Academy | School Case Study

Banchory Academy Case Study:

9 years of YPI

“The value of YPI lies in taking part in a real project that impacts real people”

Banchory Academy students presenting at the YPI 2017 National Event | Picture by Fraser Band Photography

Banchory Academy has been delivering the Youth & Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) […]

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