School Case Studies

Banchory Academy – Reflections upon successful 9 years of YPI

Banchory Academy has been delivering the YPI for the last 9 years. Eleanor McIlraith, PT Guidance, talks about the benefits the programme brings to their students, school and wider community. Read more…..

Charity Case Studies

Finding Your Feet – How to get the most out of YPI

To date Finding Your Feet has received two YPI grants. Corinne Hutton shares her experience of YPI discusses how she feels charities, students and schools can get the most out of the programme. Read more…..

Alumni Case Studies

Tain Royal Academy YPI Alumni – The impact of YPI

Tain Royal Academy’s S2 pupils have been taking part in YPI as part of their RMPS curriuclum since 2012.  Tain Royal Academy’s YPI alumni from different year groups reflect on their experiences of the programme. Read more…..

Drumchapel High School – Empowering change

Rebecca Dobson, Principle Teacher of Wider Achievement, discusses how YPI is delivered as part of a engaging programme of Wider Achievement for S2 students at Drumchapel High School. Read more…..

Sands Lothians – Benefits beyond the grant

Nicola Welsh, Chief Executive Sands Lothians, shares her experience of working with YPI groups and the benefits that it can have for charities, beyond the winning the grant money. Read more…..

Banchory Academy YPI Alumni – The beginning of your journey

Banchory Academy students share their experience of winning a YPI grant for LGBT Youth Scotland. YPI not only had significant impact upon them personally, but the outcome of their hard work had positive ramifications for their school alongside a number of other Aberdeenshire schools. Read more…..

Tain Royal Academy – Planning for success

Over the last five years Tain Royal Academy has delivered YPI through their S2 RMPS curriculum. Here Amy Taylor, Lead Teacher and Angela Gardiner, Faculty Lead, discuss their experiences of the programme Read more…..

James Gillespie’s YPI Alumni – Ongoing charity engagement 

When a group of S5 girls at James Gillespie’s High School were introduced to YPI back in 2015, they did not imagine the impact they could make to a small Edinburgh based charity or that it would lead on an ongoing relationship. Read more…..