In 2019/20 69% of all schools are partnership funding.  School partnership funding can be a real opportunity to add value to the overall programme, whilst supporting targeted local giving.

The following resources and ideas aim to support you with this aspect of the programme.

Building Partnerships: Fact Sheet

We have produced a fact sheet which can be shared with prospective business or community partners to explain more about YPI, the process, and what a partnership can look like.

Download Building Partnerships Fact Sheet

Partnership Funding: Ideas

Below we have some examples of how partnership funding can be raised, add value and support long term sustainability.

Business Partnerships

Linking closely with local business partners through YPI can add significant value to the programme. Beyond simply securing your partnership funding contribution from a third party, many schools have now established strong business partnerships focused upon mentoring and active community engagement.

When done effectively this can result in enhanced experiences and outcomes for students, but also provides a positive return to any partner organisation through employee engagement opportunities, staff development, brand profile, and a unique giving mechanism. Such an approach strongly aligns with national priorities including DYW.

Fundraising and Enterprise

Many schools have incorporated YPI as a cornerstone of school wide charitable giving, owing to the programme’s focus upon supporting small, local charities. As such, there is a growing trend of schools ring-fencing a small portion of whole school fundraising for the purposes of YPI partnership funding. In addition to which a number of schools, if felt appropriate, also support second and third place prizes. In this case, it’s always good practice to involve a representative from the school’s charity committee. It also goes without saying that this approach is most successful when there is clear support and buy-in from the school Senior Leadership Team.

Alternatively, we have observed some schools building a component of enterprise activity into YPI planning and delivery, whether focused on participating students themselves or YPI Alumni. Schools may task YPI participating students with securing a fixed contribution towards the over school partnership funding amount. Not only does this enhance healthy competition and programme ownership, it also provides an additional opportunity for skills development through YPI, by linking the programme to enterprise and innovation.

Community Partnerships

Schools may also wish to approach their partnership funding contribution via enhanced links with local community groups. For example, many schools now work closely with local organisations and committees through YPI, including the Parent Council, Rotary or Roundtable; each of which often have a shared affinity with developing young people whilst supporting the wider community.

Once again, such an approach can enhance parental engagement and/or inter-generational working, but also speaks directly to school ethos and culture. Through the development of effective partnerships, schools are able to add value to the overall YPI process, which is proven to support a better learning experience for all participating students.