picture by fraser band 07984 163 256 fraserband.co.uk YPI Scotland 2015 event at Perth Concert Hall.

If you were at our YPI National Event in Perth last year (2015) you will (we are certain!) remember one of our speakers, Lucy Lintott. Lucy was the youngest person in Scotland to be diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease when she was just 19 years old and has since been doing what she can to raise awareness of the condition by sharing her story and experiences and raising money for MND Scotland. Lucy’s other goal is to help find a cure for MND to prevent others going through what she is going through.

Lucy lives in the North of Scotland near Fochabers. We first heard of Lucy around this time last year when we in the early stages of planning our YPI National Event. We read that she had created a bucket list of 45 things. Some of these included tasks that were relatively easily achievable like, getting her hair dyed for the first time, or to do pottery. Others were going to take a bit more effort with ambitious targets like sending a message in a bottle and getting a reply, to raising £100,000 for MND Scotland.

We’re not sure if Lucy has yet sent her message in a bottle, or got a reply. But we do know that she has just reached her £100,000 target for MND Scotland. An incredible effort. Over the two years since her diagnosis Lucy has worked tirelessly to educate others about her condition and to organise fundraising events in her community. She has approached fundraising from a million and one different angles and raised the phenomenal amount because of her own initiative, help from friends, family and her community.

You can view Lucy’s fundraising page here: https://www.justgiving.com/Lucy-Lintott1/

At the end of last year, Lucy’s friend Matthew made a short documentary as part of a university project and edited it into a 15 minute video that tells the story of Lucy’s diagnosis, her day to day problems and all about what she has done for MND Scotland…