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James Gillespie’s High Alumni Case Study

James Gillespie’s High School Alumni Case Study: Ongoing Engagement 

“As teenagers, we don’t always feel listened to and appreciated that much, but through this programme and especially with the charity we’ve all felt really appreciated and wanted. You can make a difference, even though you’re a teenager.”

Louise Jack, YPI Social Impact Coordinator, […]

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Tain Royal Academy | School Case Study

Tain Royal Academy Case Study: Planning for success

Tain Royal Academy Winning Team 2014

Over the last five years Tain Royal Academy, Highlands has delivered the Youth & Philanthropy Initiative programme through their S2 RMPS curriculum.  During this time the delivery of YPI has evolved as the teachers’ knowledge and understanding of the […]

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Sands Lothians | Charity Case Study

Sands Lothians Case Study: Engage students | Raise awareness | Make a difference

Following the tragic loss of her own baby son, Nicola Welsh volunteered with SANDS Lothians for five years before she became the charity’s Chief Executive in 2015.  Nicola has had contact with six different YPI groups and has […]

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Banchory Academy Alumni Case Study

Banchory Academy Alumni Case Study: YPI is just the beginning of your journey

“It makes you think about the bigger picture and not just what’s happening in your little bubble. You become more aware of people in your school and community who may be struggling”

Issey and Elysia presenting at the YPI […]

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Drumchapel High School – School Case Study

Drumchapel High School: Enabling young people to make a difference

“To see young people make an actual impact in the community is amazing – YPI has enabled that.”

Pictures from Drumchapel YPI School Finals

When Rebecca Dobson joined Drumchapel High School three years ago there was no Wider Achievement programme in […]

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Finding Your Feet | Charity Case Study

Finding Your Feet Charity Case Study 

“YPI is a fantastic opportunity to teach students that other people aren’t as well off and that you get a really good feeling and pride from helping people.”

Corinne Hutton at the YPI 2017 National Event | Picture by Fraser Band

To date Finding Your Feet […]

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Tain Royal Academy | Alumni Case Study

Tain Royal Academy Alumni Case Study:       5 years of engagement | £15,000 granted

Tain Royal Academy students at the YPI 2016 National Event | Picture by Fraser Band Photography

Tain Royal Academy’s S2 pupils have been taking part in YPI as part of their RMPS curriuclum since […]

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Banchory Academy | School Case Study

Banchory Academy Case Study:

9 years of YPI

“The value of YPI lies in taking part in a real project that impacts real people”

Banchory Academy students presenting at the YPI 2017 National Event | Picture by Fraser Band Photography

Banchory Academy has been delivering the Youth & Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) […]

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