On what was a very Scottish summer’s day yesterday, yes it was misty and wet, the mood at YPI Scotland HQ was uplifted by a heartening email that we received from one of our YPI grant recipients in 2015/16. Beautiful Inside and Out (SCIO) benefited from two separate grants in 2015/16 – Belmont Academy, South Ayrshire, and James Hamilton Academy, East Ayrshire.


I have been meaning to write with details of our charity, and the impact of the YPI award.

Following the suicide of my beautiful, intelligent, altruistic, hilarious, compassionate 13 year old daughter, Jenna Moriarty, in 2013, we found that there were so many gaps in the system, in terms of support for my 5 year old daughter, who had lost her sister, for parents, and for other troubled young people.

I decided to set up Beautiful Inside & Out (SCIO) in order to support troubled people, bereaved parents, and siblings of suicide victims, through counselling, play therapy and music therapy, all funded by the charity, so that there were no barriers to anyone receiving help. We also promote feelings of self-worth in young people through fun drama and music sessions in schools and colleges, in working towards suicide prevention. We are currently supporting many people where the NHS have not been able to provide appropriate support.

As a result of YPI we have been able to reach out to support so many more people who may otherwise have had nowhere to turn, potentially saving young lives. This financial input is crucial to our work. However aside from the grant, the dedication of all young people involved in supporting Beautiful Inside & Out (SCIO) through YPI, has been just as valuable in terms of raising awareness, and many of these young people have continued to work with our charity to do further fundraising, be part of our charity video, and become as involved as they can in helping us to save lives. What struck us most is that these young people genuinely care; their passion for that which we are achieving shone through. Such commitment can only be positive in terms of removing stigma and improving awareness of mental health issues. We are currently supporting around 25 individuals in our local community, now spreading further afield, with free counselling (costing the charity £40 per session) and countless young people through music therapy and play therapy in schools, as well as in a one to one situation.

Thank you so much for helping us to help them. We shall always be in awe of what you do to help us to change and save lives. Thank you for everything. This is Jenna’s legacy.

Pauline Moriarty.